Southmead Hospital



Developer Carillion are on target to complete Phase 1 of the £470 million, state-of-the-art, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, by 2015. Phase 2 will follow in 2017.

The new 112,000m² building ranges from 3 to 7 storeys and will combine services from the existing Frenchay and Southmead Hospitals, putting them under one roof for the first time.

During the successful planning process we provided the project architect, Building Design Partnership (BDP), with an extensive suite of verifiably accurate images, comprising of AVR1s, AVR2s and AVR3s (read about Accurate Verified View – AVR – Classifications).

The views clearly communicated the visual impact of various parts of the design to the wide stakeholder community. Where contentious issues required additional dialogue, we provided further supporting evidence and views, to assist in bringing a successful resolution.


We structured our delivery to meet vital consultation deadlines, absorbing feedback and updating imagery along the way. This allowed the planning process to meet the tight schedule demanded by such a complex scheme.

Planning consent was granted in October 2009.

Architect: BDP
Planning Consultants: CSJ Planning
Structural and Civil Engineers: TPS (Carillion)
Scope: Verified photomontage CGIs – AVR 1, AVR 2 and AVR 3
Planning Ward: Bristol, Southmead
Status: Completed